Our CarArt Photo Illustration series starts at a base price of $125 for our show/festival package, which includes photographing your car onsite and placing the car into one of the 150+ scenes currently available. We'll then send you an 11" X 14" print of this enhanced photo. This base show/festival package price comes with one stipulation: The photo must be shot on site during the show or festival. If you feel you can supply a useable photo of your car yourself, you can save $25 off the show/festival package, for a final price of $100. TAKE YOUR OWN PHOTO INSTRUCTIONS 1. Select a background and keep it in mind as you shoot your photos. Most of the backgrounds work best with a 3/4 left front fender or 3/4 right front fender view. 2. Take car photo outdoors. 3. Best lighting: a) overcast b) early in the morning and late in the day. 4. Set digital camera for highest quality jpeg, 8 mega pixels and higher. 5. Photograph car on level pavement. Concrete is best: It works like a reflector panel to bounce low-angle sunlight up into the shadow areas. Do not park your car on grass or gravel. 6. Keep the background simple with nothing between you and the car such as tree branches, props, people. and your shadow. Avoid trees’ reflections and tree shade. Also, avoid prominent reflections (such as other cars at car shows). 7. Stand about 10-12 feet from the corner of the car. Do not stand too close to the car. Using the zoom lens fill the camera’s frame with the car. Take several photos at eye level (Illustration A), several from your knee (Illustration B), several with the camera held above your head (Illustration C). Do this for both the left front 3/4 view and the right front 3/4 view. 8. Check your photos for sharpness and send me the best ones by e-mail (bobdavis@locustgrovestudio.com) one at a time. 9. I’ll check your images. If I don’t think they will work, I will notify you by e-mail. 10. I will e-mail you a proof. 11. If there is a problem with the proof, let me know. If the proof is OK, put a check in the mail for $100 ($25 discount for taking the photo yourself). 13. When I receive your check I will make an 11” x 14” print and mail it to you in a tube. 14. The 11” x 14” print will fit in a standard 16” x 20” mat and frame which will save money compared to custom framing, although, you can do that if the standard items are to limiting. Use a double mat. You do not want the print to touch the glass when framed. Contact me at: bobdavis@locustgrovestudio.com or 405/747-7897.